HAZE - the ultimate obfuscation platform

The initial idea behind HAZE was to improve the security of cryptographic keys in software. Not to be confused with key management solutions (for example, those used as part of AACS or Fairplay DRM), HAZE has only one purpose – hide your secrets from potential attackers, thus, ease on your headache.

How HAZE works

HAZE interfuses all data into a cloud of bits and bytes and makes it nearly impossible to extract the data without knowing the algorithm.

How to use HAZE

HAZE may be used both as a standalone library or linked directly into your software (although the latter should provide your data with much better security). All you have to do is simply pass data to the module and collect the output. The simplicity of usage was one of our core objectives while developing HAZE, so that you may concentrate on the rest of development, rather than on protection of sensible information.

What may HAZE be used for

Since HAZE it rather a platform than a hardcoded algorithm, its usage is not limited to AES cryptography. Virtually any valuable algorithm which you prefer to hide from the evil eyes may be implemented in a HAZE’ish manner for the sake of protection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and request more detailed information regarding HAZE.

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